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The Hero Teacher Project
Teacher Painted Portrait

I’m painting 51 Hero teachers. One from each state. My family and I will be traveling by RV in the fall of 2022 to meet the teachers at their schools. Learn how you can support this celebration of teachers through Art.

The Mural Intervention Program

Public Art can change a community. Especially, if the community is involved in the change. I chose to help change my middle school where I teach art. The Mural Arts Program needs to grow beyond McDonough Middle School and Hartford. Learn how you can help support this innovative visual arts program.

Paintings, Murals, and Illustrations
Jason Gilmore Art Homepage

From 2000- present. From California to Connecticut.

Teachers Are:
  • Outstanding human beings
  • Under supported
  • Holding the American public schools together and need your help.
Students Need:
  • More than academics to find their voice
  • Feel like they can contribute to their community
  • A creative outlet
Public Art:

Is where imagination, history, creativity, and community come together to share a common story for all to experience.

About Me

There are a lot things that need to change about public school in America. I aim to make art about those areas of need and celebrate the American Educators’ accomplishments.




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Connecticut, USA

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