Art projects can reflect a school’s culture.

My art students at Cook Middle School in Santa Rosa, CA completed a culturally relevant project this school year that was supported by Donor’s Choose donors.

They wanted to make a Dia de Los Muertos style mask out of plaster.  Not everyone in the class was brave enough to have plaster plastered to their faces. But we did get some beautiful masks made out of the project. Some said they would even use it next year during a Dia De Los Muertos celebration!

Student making a mask
A brave student sits for the production of his plaster mask.
Students prepare the wall by washing it befoer the gesso (primer) is applied.
Students hard at work on Dia De Los Muertos Masks.

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Public education is in need of as many advocates as possible. I intend to use my art to advocate for students and teachers. For the past 10 years I have been working to integrate muralism into the public school curriculum and it is WORKING! Enjoy!

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