“Dream Jars” mural at Copperfield’s Books Novato, CA

We is in dream country, the BFG said. This is where all the dreams is beginning.”

In 2016 I got the opportunity to help promote the opening of a newer branch of a local brick and mortar bookstore in Novato, CA, Copperfield’s Books.

They had these big windows in front of their children’s section that were covered by book cases so they naturally wanted to spiff them up. So they asked if I could paint on windows. Of course I said YES! BUT I also said I don’t know how long they will last. I thought a year or two with a good amount Sheercoat would do it. Well two years later and guess what? It didn’t chip, flake, or even slide off the window! It still looks great!

BFG had just come out as a Spielberg movie so we used the hype to get folks into the new store. I rather enjoyed the movie. Very close to the book. So I based the design on the Dream jars in which to put a collection of popular and classic book characters on display.

It was really fun to paint all of the characters of my favorite childhood books. My own daughter, Elan even got to be my apprentice that summer.



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