McDonough Middle School – Hartford CT

At McDonough Expeditionary Middle School in Hartford CT I have enjoyed my first semester as a full time Art Teacher. Here’s some of the work we completed in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade art classes. We explored line, shape, form, and did a LOT of work with pattern. Ultimately, we created one acrylic painting on canvas board.

The process was exciting to watch! Many students began in August saying, ” BUT Mr.! I don’t know how to draw! I’m not any good art!” By the end they didn’t want to stop painting. All made progress and seemed to enjoy themselves creating and that is always my main goal for all students. Make progress. Grow. Learn. Try something new. Fail. Learn. Succeed in expanding your experience. In this, I know we all felt a new appreciation for positive self-expression.


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