Hartford Passion

I had no idea how talented the kids up in Hartford are. Well, these Middle Schoolers got some mad skills, yo! I challenged one 8th grade class with what they would want to see in Hartford in the future and show it in a mural.

We decided to inspire future McDonough students to make that future a reality. Turns out what Hartford seems to be lacking are places for kids to go enjoy music, art, dance, and theatre. Creative passions were common themes for images in the mural. The kids also wanted more nature incorporated into the city scape.

When we started the kids didn’t know what a mural was. Now they can say they have left a positive and inspirational mark on the school where they spent 3 formative years. I’m so proud of my new Muralists. It took a full semester but we did it! The talent shown through perseverance, community, and respect for each other’s visions.


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