A New Visit to Vermont 2021 Teacher of the Year, Susan Rosato

On July 25th the Hero Teacher Project travels begin! We’re going north from CT to Colchester, VT to meet High School English Learner Teacher, Susan Rosato.

Susan is running a summer camp for English Learners in grades 6-12 she serves at Colchester High School. I’ll actually get to see her in action during the summer! That was a nice surprise. I’m scheduled to talk with people from her community, see her school and classroom, meet her family, and sit down and chat and paint some sketches of her.

Paul Cezanne said, “Painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realizing one’s sensations.”

Paul was right. What’s better? A painting of a photo of a landscape or a representation in paint of how the artist feels after hiking up a mountain to paint that majestic mountain view they worked so hard to reach?

Hint: Always go for art with feeling and deals with the majestic.

This is what The Hero Teacher Project is: Putting myself in a teacher’s environment in order to effectively tell their story.

Susan’s story is about someone who was born to be a teacher. She always wanted to be one. Watch this endearing story of Susan’s days as a kindergarten STUDENT where she shows her Kindergarten teacher just who is The TEACHER!

My family and I will be hanging out with Susan and her family for five days!!

You’ll be able to follow the entire experience on the HTP social media channels and here on the JGilmoreArt Blog.

Please spread the word about the Hero Teacher Project. Encourage your friends and family to join the mailing list to follow us on our 1st HTP journey from July 25th-July 29th!


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