The Hero Teacher Project’s Purpose #2: Equity

The Hero Teacher Project’s Purpose #2: Bridging the Gap of Inequity

Purpose #2 is to visit teachers in each state to find out what is making teaching so difficult that teachers are resigning. What is actually working in schools in each state and what are teachers’ challenges? What do TEACHERS think is needed for students to succeed in school? I aim to collect answers all of these questions with 51 teachers’ insight in order to bring equity to schools.

Not all schools are the same. Many urban and rural schools have a huge amount of needs and are under resourced. The teachers at these schools feel the need to bridge the resource divide with superhuman efforts just to be able to run a functioning class. Why are we ok with this? My hope is that someday teachers won’t HAVE to be HEROES just to teach on a daily basis.

Published by Jason Gilmore Artist

Public education is in need of as many advocates as possible. I intend to use my art to advocate for students and teachers. For the past 10 years I have been working to integrate muralism into the public school curriculum and it is WORKING! Enjoy!

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