Narciso Moquete

Portrait of Narciso Moquete

Narciso is the 2019 Hartford Public School District’s Teacher of the Year. He is a 4th grade teacher at SAND Elementary School in Hartford, CT.

Portrait of Narciso Moquete
Portrait of 2019 Hartford Public Schools Teacher of the Year Narciso Moquete ©2021 by Jason Gilmore

The 1st HTP Unveiling

The unveiling was a complete rush!! Everyone was so happy to see their friend, relative, teacher, and hero immortalized. There was immense positivity around the accomplishments of this one man. This is how it should be; teachers being celebrated as the great humanitarians that they are. The heroes that I am celebrating are educators that have gone to great lengths to connect with their students and families in innovative ways.

Hartford Courant May 25th, 2019

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