The Hero Teacher Project’s Purpose #2: Equity

Purpose #2 is to visit teachers in each state to find out what is making teaching so difficult that teachers are resigning. What is actually working in schools in each state and what are teachers’ challenges? What do TEACHERS think is needed for students to succeed in school? I aim to collect answers all of these questions with 51 teachers’ insight in order to bring equity to schools.

The Hero Teacher Project KICKSTARTER Fundraising Campaign Page is LIVE!!!

The Hero Teacher Project Kickstarter Page The way the Kickstarter Campaign works is we have 30 days to raise the amount: $30,000. If we raise $29,999, we get nothing. So, I am asking that you share out the HTP Kickstarter Project page link and social media posts as much as possible over the next 30 days.Continue reading “The Hero Teacher Project KICKSTARTER Fundraising Campaign Page is LIVE!!!”

Welcome to the Hero Teacher Project Newsletter Issue #1 !!

The Hero Teacher Project is Jason Gilmore’s art project to create 51 painted portraits of 1 Hero Teacher from each state including DC.

The Hero Teacher Project

The unveiling was a complete rush!! Everyone was so happy to see their friend, relative, teacher, and hero immortalized.

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