The Hero Teacher Project

During January 2021 I completed the first mural sized portrait of a series that I have named the Hero Teacher Project. It is of Narciso Moquete the outstanding 4th grade teacher that was voted the 2019 Hartford Teacher of the Year. Narciso and I met shortly after he had won the award in the fallContinue reading “The Hero Teacher Project”

Ever Upward

The Excelsior District of San Francisco’s only public sculpture completed in 2014. It was a great project with A LOT of creative freedom and a fabulous community to work with. A true community accomplishment! I’m proud to have played a part. And it still looks great in 2018! “A tremendously talented and dedicated Project Team was organizedContinue reading “Ever Upward”

“Dream Jars” mural at Copperfield’s Books Novato, CA

We is in dream country, the BFG said. This is where all the dreams is beginning.” In 2016 I got the opportunity to help promote the opening of a newer branch of a local brick and mortar bookstore in Novato, CA, Copperfield’s Books. They had these big windows in front of their children’s section thatContinue reading ““Dream Jars” mural at Copperfield’s Books Novato, CA”