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The Hero Teacher Project Kickstarter Campaign is LIVE!!!

The way the Kickstarter Campaign works is we have 30 days to raise the amount: $30,000. If we raise $29,999, we get nothing. So, I am asking that you donate and/ or share out the HTP Kickstarter Project page link and social media posts as much as possible over the next 30 days.

The campaign was launched on 9/13/22 and will end on 10/13/22.

The $30,000 is just part 1 of fundraising which gets us from ME to DC in the North East of the US.



Takeru Nagayoshi 2020 MA Teacher of the Year

Being a teacher today requires a high level of personal dedication. “Hero Teachers” are those that have been chosen by their state as truly exceptional educators. This amazing group deserves recognition. Through portraiture, I will share their unique story, including their struggles and their achievements. 

Join me and The Hero Teacher Project to watch their stories unfold. Let’s support our Hero Teachers and everything they do for our children. 

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Hero Teacher Project Mission Statement

We believe that teachers are the backbone of education. To elevate their love and labor through the magic of art, the Hero Teacher Project celebrates public school teachers by painting larger-than-life sized portraits of an inspiring teacher from each of the 50 states, plus DC. The paintings not only recognize the contributions of our nation’s leading educators, but also highlight those from historically underrepresented and unsung backgrounds, such as teachers of color and those who pioneer in the arts. Upon completion of this project, we will invite all 51 teachers and members of the public to Washington DC for an unveiling and celebration of their teaching excellence and of public education.

Teachers are amazing people! I want to bring remarkable teachers’ stories to you in the form of painted portraits.

Painted Sketch of Susan Rosato, 2021 VT Teacher of the Year
Painted Sketch of Susan Rosato, 2021 VT Teacher of the Year

My aim with The Hero Teacher Project is to paint 51 teachers portraits from around the United States of America. I will paint one portrait of a Teacher of the Year from each state AND DC!

Painting the portraits of these heroes is going to require that I travel with my family of five to visit them in their own states, classrooms, and schools. In order for me to tell their teacher story, I need to experience their learning environment and communities. I know that teaching in Texas is not like teaching in California. A teacher in Alaska is going to yield a vastly different story than teacher in CT. Travel for this project is as integral to this project as the actual portrait painting.


Narciso Moquette Painted Portrait
2019 Hartford Teacher of The Year Narciso Moquette

Climb on board! Pick your reward. Make a donation. Through Art we will celebrate the backbone of the American Public School system, Teachers !

HTP Project Phases:

Phase 1:

September 2022: We are raising $30,000 via to visit teachers in the Northeast of the US from Maine to DC. I will visit 9 states while I teach for my 21st year! For the past four years I have taught Art at McDonough Middle School in Hartford, CT. The Hero Teacher Project brings together my two greatest passions, Teaching and Art!

During the 2022-2023 school year I will visit each state from ME to DC. While in each state we will visit the teachers’ schools, observe their classrooms, paint, and interview them while sketching. These visits will be shared with you as they happen. My family and I will be blogging daily during these trips. You will get to know the teacher, the school, and the state through our posts.

My wife, Lindsay and I want our children to meet these outstanding teachers. We also want them to experience life in each state. Through my social media channels and my blog, you will get to experience what it’s like to teach in the teacher’s town and state.

I want you to know the challenges and the great parts of each states’ culture that our teachers deal with on a daily basis. You, our supporters will be along for the ride on all of our trips.

November 2022 – June 2022: We will stretch our fundraising goal to $100,000 total.

The Northeast is just the beginning! During the school year we will continue to stretch our Hero Teacher goal to raise $70,000 more needed to visit teachers all over the US during the 2023-2024 school year.


After raising the $70,000 more we will jump in an RV and travel the country to visit the 39 remaining states and teachers.

We will travel from August 2023 to June 2024.

I will visit each teacher, create a painted sketch, and record an archival an interview of each teacher while in their communities.

Phase 3:

I will paint all 48 remaining final 3 x 5 ft. portraits between August 2024- June 2025.

Phase 4:

There will be an exhibition, hopefully in DC on the Washington Mall with all 51 teachers in attendance.

My wife, Lindsay and our children and dog will be helping me every step of the way to meet the Hero Teacher Project Mission and Goals. We are so excited to show them this great nation in such a personal way.

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