Takeru Nagayoshi

Painted Portrait

The 2020 MA Teacher of the Year for English AP Teacher (Formerly) at New Bedford High School .

Painted Portrait of Takeru Nagayoshi
Portrait of Takeru Nagayoshi” © 2021 By Jason Gilmore Acrylic on TYVEK paper 3’x 5′

TK: The Interview Teaser

The FULL Fantastic! 40 min Interview with Takeru

THE FULL 40 min interview with TK

Takeru’s Unveiling (TK’s Cut)

Originally tweeted by Takeru “TK” Nagayoshi (he/him) (@tk_nagayoshi) on December 15, 2021.

Twitter: Takeru “TK” Nagayoshi (he/him)@tk_nagayoshi

Takeru Nagayoshi

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